Members meetings

For all members of the herdbook, each year two meetings are held: the spring meeting and the fall meeting. Apart from the standard meeting items, usually a guest speaker is invited to present an interesting topic, such as scrapie and BSE or animal genetics. After the spring meeting, the yearly free dinner for all members takes place, which of course has lamb on the menu. Members automatically receive an invitation and agenda for these meetings. For current dates, see the Dutch activities page.
Sheep Day (Dag van het Schaap)

Every second year the Sheep Day is held. This event was held last in June 2011. Of course the Swifter Sheep Herdbook was present. We welcomed a large number of visitors, who had the opportunity to have a look at Swifter Sheep and drink some coffee in the stand.
8856-00734Inspection of Swifter rams

Every year in July and August, Swifter rams were inspected on several locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. These days are a nice opportunity to see a lot of Swifter rams together. There are also several rams on sale. This makes it easy to buy good Swifter rams with a known scrapie sensitiveness.
For current dates, see the Dutch activities page.